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Digital cutting plotter


Thanks to our modern, large range of machinery, we cut and saw a variety of board materials such as cardboard, honeycomb boards, light-weight foam boards and plastic panels precisely and made to measure.

Whether precision cuts, special formats, individual shapes or complex contours - our qualified employees meet the highest demands and rise to every challenge.

Custom cutting of customer-supplied materials such as cardboard, paper, lightweight foam sheets, plastic sheets and much more is possible on request.



  • Custom cuts and/or custom shapes
  • Max. format: 3210 x 3200 mm
  • Max. material thickness: 60 mm (depending on material)

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As an alternative to conventional die-cutting and cutting techniques, we can cut many materials precisely and flexibly on our digital cutting plotters (Zünd G3 / Esko Kongsberg XL).

Both simple shapes (e.g. circles and squares for hanging signs), and complex freeform shapes (e.g. stars, polygons, etc.) are possible.

A major advantage of cutting based on CAD data is that no die-cutting tool is required, and thus short runs (e.g. signs, POS/POP displays, decorative elements, packaging, etc.) can be produced at reasonable prices - especially in combination with digital printing.

Suitable materials are display boardwood pulp cardboard, grey cardboardsolid cardboard, corrugated board, folding boxboard, cellulose board, lightweight foam board (KAPA®, FOAM-X®, Foamboard), honeycomb board (FALCONBOARD™, BEELITE®, SWEDBOARD®) etc.

  • Max. format: 3210 x 3200 mm
  • Max. material thickness: 55 mm (depending on material)


Ideal for clean cutting of small and large rectangles and squares as well as for splitting a wide variety of materials such as:  cardboardspaperboards, PVC sheets, plastics, printed sheets, foils etc. 

Thanks to our large stock program, we can cut your desired format cost-efficiently and with minimal waste.

  • Max. cutting size: 1750 x 1750 mm
  • Max. material thickness: approx. 10 mm (depending on material)


Ideal for precise and largely dust-free cutting or splitting of large-format KAPA® and FOAM-X® lightweight foam boards as well as FALCONBOARD™ honeycomb boards.

Cost-efficient and waste-saving due to the ability to cut multiple boards in one run.

Consistently high format accuracy due to industrial cutting.

  • Max. cutting size: 3050 x 3050 mm 
  • Max. material thickness: 20 mm (depending on material)


Perfect for cutting to size or splitting sheet materials such as SMART-X®  or DIBOND® & DILITE® aluminum composite sheets.

By using particularly large format sheets, we can saw efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Max. cutting size: 2050 x 5000 mm
  • Max. material thickness: 60 mm (depending on material)