KROMA® White-Black-White (Paperboard)

Two-colour solid board made from 100 % cellulose with bright white surfaces and deep black core, excellent flatness and high rigidity for premium print products & luxury packaging.
FSC®-certified | Wood free | Carbon Black free | 100 % recyclable


  • Both sides smooth premium board
  • Bright white surfaces and deep black core
  • Bi-colour cutting edges
  • Lightfast


  • Large format digital printing, screen printing, letterpress
  • Embossing
  • Die-cutting
  • Cutting (digital, knife, laser)


  • Luxury packaging, rigid boxes
  • Books
  • Signs & Graphics
  • POS/POP Displays
  • Cards, Hangtags & Labels
  • Art supplies, Framing

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FSC certification
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Eco-friendly sustainable - Made in Germany
KROMA® White-Black-White (Paperboard)

Both sides bright white premium paperboard with deep black core


KROMA® White-Black-White is a bright white, uncoated cellulose board with identical smooth surfaces on both sides made from 100% FSC®-certified cellulose and a deep black core.


With its high material thicknesses, our cardboard offers a wide range of possibilities for luxury packaging, rigid boxes, signs & graphics, POS/POP displays as well as for books, cards, hangtags, art supplies and much more.

Further processing:

The bright white and smooth top layers on both sides of KROMA® White-Black-White are ideal for large-format digital printing, screen printing and letterpress printing. The very good flatness and rigidity allow optimal further processing: laminating, die cutting, digital cutting, laser cutting and embossing.


KROMA® White-Black-White is FSC®-certified (No. 44 702 100091), wood free, carbon black free and 100% recyclable. Therefore, it can be disposed of easily & cost-effectively as waste paper. By using renewable & responsibly sourced raw materials, KROMA® White-Black-White is a sustainable & environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sheets (e.g. rigid PVC foam boards, polystyrene).

(Special) formats & freeforms:

As a manufacturer of KROMA® White-Black-White, KOHLSCHEIN offers many different thicknesses and the stock format 1020 x 720 mm in 2.5 mm material thickness. Special formats and/or special thicknesses / material combinations, e.g. black-white-black or coloured, can be produced on request on our reel-to-sheet lamination machine.
We will be pleased to cut individual sizes or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.


KROMA® White-Black-White product info & specifications (PDF)

KROMA® White-Black-White (Paperboard)


1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm


1120 g/m², 1500 g/m², 1800 g/m², 2200 g/m²

Stock format:

1020 x 720 mm, 1020 x 1540 mm, 1000 x 2000 mm

Type of Material :

Cardboard, Cellulose paperboard, Display board, Paperboard


Cellulose carton, Uncoated


White (Pure white)


Cardboard/Paperboard, Black

Printing processes:

Digital printing, Large format digital printing, Screen printing

Further processing:

Cutting, Die-cutting, Embossing, Laminating, Laser

Application/range of use:

Photo, Books, Boxes, Displays POS/POP, Fashion hang tags, Framing, Graphic applications, Greeting cards, Invitation cards, Art supplies, Packaging, Posters, Presentations, Signs, Stands

Special features:

Carbon black free, Wood free


Eco-friendly, PVC-free, Recyclable, Sustainable, Disposal as waste paper







Available stock thicknesses, grammages and formats. Special formats and/or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Grammage (g/m²) Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
1.120* 1,5* 1.020 x 720* 1.020 x 1.540* -
1.500* 2,0* 1.020 x 720* 1.020 x 1.540* 1.000 x 2.000*
1.800 2,5 1.020 x 720 1.020 x 1.540* 1.000 x 2.000*
2.200* 3,0* 1.020 x 720* 1.020 x 1.540* 1.000 x 2.000*

*Minimum order quantity 2 t

Note: The underlined format indicates the grain direction.


Bright white premium board with identical smooth surfaces, excellent stiffness and high rigidity for eye-catching printed products, rigid boxes, luxury packaging.
Deep black premium board with very smooth matt black surfaces. 100 % cellulose board with high material volume, excellent flatness and high rigiditiy.