EKA Board (Wood pulp board)

Natural white woodpulp board with very smooth surfaces. Light weight paperboard with high material volume, superior flatness & high stiffness.
PEFC-certified I 100 % recyclable I Toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3


  • Natural white woodpulp board
  • Very smooth top layers
  • Excellent flatness, high stability and material volume
  • Light weight
  • Suitable for contact with dry food
  • Toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3


  • Print sheet lamination
  • Die-cutting
  • Large format digital printing, Screen Printing, Letterpress
  • Cutting (Digital, Knife, Laser)


  • Laminating board for Signs & Graphics
  • Indoor signage, Hanging signs, POS/POP display
  • Rigid boxes, Packaging
  • Children's books & toys
  • Art supplies, Model making
  • Industrial applications

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Eco-friendly sustainable - Made in Germany
EKA Board (Wood pulp board)

EKA wood pulp board with excellent converting properties


Pure woodpulp board with very smooth, natural white top layers, light-coloured core and high material volume. 


Eka board is ideal as laminating board for display purposes such as signs, graphics, indoor signage, hanging signs, advertising displays, free-standing figures and other visual communication at POS/POP. The PEFC-certified solid board is also used for book covers, note pads, picture framing (passe-partout), games & toys for children, art supplies, model making (architectural models) and packaging such as rigid boxes. It is also used for different industrial applications.
Furthermore our carton in thicknesses up to 4 mm has been classified as “FOOD SAFE” by ISEGA and is suitable for contact with dry and non-fatty foodstuffs as an interlayer or coaster as well as for secondary packaging. Our Eka Board is further certified by ISEGA according to DIN EN 71-3 and DIN EN 71-9 as a safe material for toys and can be used for e.g. puzzles, board games, toy packaging and much more.

Further processing:

The natural white, smooth cardboard surfaces of Eka board are ideally suited for lamination. In addition, they can also be printed directly in flatbed printing processes such as large format digital printing, screen printing or letterpress (1.0 + 1.2 mm smooth on one side / 1.5 - 8.0 mm smooth on both sides). The excellent flatness, high stability and clean cutting edges enable optimal further processing: laminating, die-cutting, digital cutting, laser cutting and embossing.


EKA woodpulp board is PEFC-certified and a 100% recyclable material. Therefore, it can be disposed of easily & cost-effectively as waste paper. By using renewable & responsibly sourced raw materials, EKA board is a sustainable & plastic-free alternative to plastic boards (e.g. rigid PVC foam boards, polystyrene).

(Special) formats & freeforms:

As manufacturer of Eka Holzpappe - our machine made wooden board produced since 1932 - KOHLSCHEIN offers many different thicknesses and stock sizes from 700 x 1000 mm up to the XXL size 1400 x 3000 mm.
Special formats and/or special thicknesses can be produced on request on our reel-to-sheet lamination machine or sheet-to-sheet lamination machine.
We are happy to cut individual blanks or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.


EKA Board product info & specifications (PDF file)
EKA Board ISEGA Certificate of compliance toys & food-contact (PDF)

EKA Board (Wood pulp board)


1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, 8.0 mm


480 g/m², 570 g/m², 745 g/m², 980 g/m², 1170 g/m², 1375 g/m², 1830 g/m², 3695 g/m²

Stock format:

700 x 1000 mm, 1400 x 1000 mm, 800 x 1200 mm, 880 x 1.240 mm, 1400 x 3000 mm

Type of Material :

Cardboard, Paperboard, Finnish Wood pulp board


Wood pulp paperboard


White (Natural)


Cardboard/Paperboard, Bright

Printing processes:

Digital printing, Large format digital printing, Letterpress, Screen printing

Further processing:

Cutting, Die-cutting, Laminating, Laser

Application/range of use:

Books, Calendar(-back), Displays POS/POP, Framing, Hanging signs, Lamination substrate for prints & photos, Model making, Signs, Stands, Toys

Special features:

Food safe, OBA free (without optical brightener)


Eco-friendly, Plastic-free, Recyclable, Sustainable, Disposal as waste paper


PEFC, ISEGA, Toy standard DIN EN 71-3 conform





Here is an overview of the thicknesses, grammages and formats we have in stock.
Special formats and / or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Smooth on one side (unglued)

Grammage (g/m²)  Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
480  1,0 700 x 1000  1400 x 1000* 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240*
570 1,2 700 x 1000 1400 x 1000 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240*

Smooth on both sides (glued)

Grammage (g/m²) Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
745 1.5 700 x 1000  1400 x 1000* 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240 -
980 2.0 700 x 1000 1400 x 1000 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240 -
1170 2.5 700 x 1000  1400 x 1000* 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240 1400 x 3000*
1375 3.0 700 x 1000 1400 x 1000 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240* -
1830 4.0 700 x 1000 1400 x 1000 800 x 1200* 880 x 1240* -
3695 8.0 - 1400 x 1000 - - -

*Minimum oder quantity 3 t

Note: The underlined format indicates the grain direction.


Natural white display board with excellent printing & converting properties. Eco-friendly paperboard for a wide range of display & packaging applications.
Double-sided natural white coaster board with strong absorption for coasters & beer mats. Ideal for double sided printing. Excellent cutting & die-cutting properties.
Double-sided white display board with excellent printing & converting properties. Eco-friendly paperboard for sign, display & packaging.
Natural brown display board with unbleached Kraft paperboard surfaces. High-quality board with natural look and feel for sign, display & packaging.
Bright white premium board with uncoated surfaces, high stiffness and rigidity for high quality print products, luxury packaging & fashion tags.
Deep black dyed-through premium board with very smooth matt black surfaces. Virgin fibre board with high material volume, excellent flatness & high rigiditiy.
FSC®-certified I Carbon black free I Plastic-free I 100 % recyclable
Single-sided self-adhesive cardboard for mounting photos & prints for e.g. signage, decoration and presentations. With high adhesive strength and white reverse side.
Basic material: PEFC-certified | Plastic-free