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Sustainable Materials for Print, Display & Packaging

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Sustainable Materials for
Print, Display & Packaging

Wide range of high-quality, paper fiber-based materials with excellent
processing properties for printing, display and packaging applications.


We are a leading manufacturer of sustainable paperboard & cardboard specialties and since 1932 we stand for high quality, service & sustainability
Discover our extensive stock program of materials in small & large formats!

Paperboard & cardboard available from stock

Ideal for printing & converting

Our wide range of paperboards, cardboards, papers and practical accessories like poster stands enable a variety of applications such as POS displays, signage, packaging, shop fitting, industrial purposes and much more. For more inspiration & processing options, visit our YouTube channel.

As a manufacturer of multi-layer solid board laminated on our laminating machines, we offer a wide range of boards with different coloured surfaces and cores, as well as additional properties & certifications such as food contact or wet strength for outdoor use. 100% environmentally friendly, plastic free and recyclable. Almost all materials are FSC®- or PEFC-certified, providing a sustainable alternative to plastic sheets & boards. Practical poster stands made of paperboard complete our range.

Not sure which material is right for your application? Our sample box of cardboard & paperboard will help you make the right choice and allow you to hold the qualities in your hands in a handy A4 format.

Many thicknesses & formats, cutting service, fast delivery

As a manufacturer of a variety of display boards we stock a wide range of materials in thicknesses from 0.5 to 8.0 mm and grammages from 390 to 3695 g/m². Our small formats start with 500 x 700 mm and range from large formats such as 1400 x 1000 mm to XXL formats such as 1220 x 2440 mm and 1530 x 3050 mm. On request and depending on quantity, we can also supply special formats.

Our large warehouse and professional logistics enable us to deliver small and (XXL) large formats worldwide at short notice. With many years of experience as a manufacturer we can offer you a competent all-round service including professional advice.

Frequently asked questions about our materials

The difference is mainly in the grammage, but also in the structure. Up to a grammage of 225 g/m² we speak of paper, above that we speak of cardboard and paperboard. While cardboard is the general term, cardboard also refers to boards with a corrugated core, whereas paperboard has a core made up of several layers of paper and therefore has closed edges - this is why it is also referred to as solid board.
Our plastic-free paperboards are very rigid and are often used as a sustainable replacement for plastic sheets for signs, POS displays, cards, industrial packaging, interlayers and more.
Solid board (also referred to as paperboard) are (multilayered) composite materials with a high bulk and closed edges all around, whereas corrugated cardboard has open edges making the inner corrugated structure visible. Advantages of solid board compared to corrugated board include a clean, smooth edge and high stability with comparatively low thickness.
Solid board is the term used to describe materials made from several types of paper or paperboard that are glued/laminated together. The end product has perfect, closed edges - unlike corrugated cardboard, which has an open corrugated core. Other advantages of solid board are its high strength and high grammage at comparatively low thicknesses.
Our cardboards, paperboards and papers (except MIRRI mirror board) can be easily and inexpensively disposed of as waste paper and will be recycled further to 100%.

You can find more questions & answers in our FAQ section.