Poster stands

Self-adhesive poster stands / back supports made of sustainable paperboard for free-standing posters, signs, decorative elements etc.
PEFC-certified I Plastic-free I 100% recyclable


  • Self adhesive 
  • High quality and stable
  • Made from sustainable, PEFC-certified paperboard


  • Classic: One support stand
  • Comfort: Two support stands for extra stability and easy mounting


  • Signs, posters
  • Freeform displays
  • Shop window decoration, instore signs at POS

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PEFC certification
Eco-friendly sustainable - Made in Germany
Poster stands
With our poster stands you can put almost everything on its feet!

Our poster stands - also called "back supports" - are made of high quality PEFC-certified cardboard and are an environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable alternative to plastic stands and table stands. For comfortable handling we equip all poster stands with self-adhesive tapes (sk).


Thanks to the self-adhesive tapes, the stands can be quickly and conveniently stuck behind signs, posters, die-cut parts, contour-cut figures and other objects made of cardboard, paperboard, honeycomb panels and light foam panels and set up in seconds. Your signs and cardboard display stands are now stable and secure at events and presentations, at the point of sale/point of purchase, in shop windows and entrance areas either as floor or table displays.


Our poster stands are PEFC-certified (No. 44 702 100091) and 100% recyclable. Therefore they can be disposed of easily and economically. Through the use of renewable and responsible raw materials they are an environmentally friendly and plastic-free alternative to floor and table displays made of acrylic/ plastic.


  • Classic: Stand with one wing for support (also called Simple Poster Stand)
  • Comfort: Stand with two wings for more secure mounting and extra stable setup (also called Double Poster Stand)

(Special) sizes and freeforms:

As a manufacturer of poster stands / back suports, we offer a wide range of different formats and can ship directly from stock. All poster displays are shipped flat.
Individual (special) formats or poster stands made from other materials are available on request.

 If, in addition to a back support for your advertising stand, you are also looking for suitable panel material (e.g. cardboard, paperboard, honeycomb panels, light foam panels) for printing - you will find it in our other categories. We also offer completely printed posters/signs with pre-mounted back support.

All details are based on our current technical knowledge and experience. They are considered to be references without legal validity.

Poster stands


Comfort stand-up (poster stand double), Classic Poster Stand

Type of Material :

Cardboard, Paperboard


Folding box cardboard


White (Pure white)



Application/range of use:

Decorations, Displays POS/POP, Figurines, Posters, Shop window design, Signs, Stands


Eco-friendly, PVC-free, Recyclable, Sustainable, Disposal as waste paper







Here in an overview of the formats we have in stock.
Special formats are possible on request.

Height of Poster Stand Simple “Classic” Height of Poster Stand Double “Comfort” Recommended for signs, posters etc. with a maximum height of:
140 mm 140 mm 210 mm / DIN A6
200 mm 200 mm 300 mm / DIN A5
290 mm 290 mm 410 mm / DIN A4
400 mm 400 mm 580 mm / DIN A3
570 mm 570 mm 810 mm / DIN A2
800 mm 800 mm 1160 mm / DIN A1
- 1150 mm 1390 mm / DIN A0
- 1380 mm 1800 mm


Double-sided white display board with excellent printing and further processing properties. Eco-friendly paperboard for signs, displays and packaging.
1-sided self-adhesive paperboard with high adhesive strength. This rigid board is used as a mounting / lamination board with excellent flatness & high stability or as directly printable sheet material with a self-adhesive reverse side.
Natural white woodpulp board with very smooth surfaces. Light weight paperboard with high bulk, superior flatness and high stiffness.
PEFC-certified I 100 % recyclable I Toy safety standard DIN EN 71-3