STUDIOBOARD® (chromo board)

Double-sided bright white chromo board with identical face layers (DUO / 2S). Laminated GC1 board with brilliant whiteness & high stiffness.
FSC®-certified (optional) | Plastic-free | 100 % recyclable


  • Very smooth, bright white surfaces
  • Excellent flatness & high stability
  • Environmentally friendly, as 100% recyclable (optionally FSC®-certified)


  • Offset printing, digital printing, screen printing
  • Varnishing, foil lamination
  • Die-cutting, grooving, creasing
  • Cutting (digital, knife, laser)


  • Premium packaging for cosmetics, electronic goods, wines & spirits
  • Games, calenders
  • Greeting cards, gift cards, gift packs
  • Books, brochures, fashion tags

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FSC certification
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Eco-friendly sustainable - Made in Germany
STUDIOBOARD® (chromo board)

Double-sided bright white folding box board for high-quality packaging


Double-sided bright white chromo board (GC) with triple-coated top layers. Glued quality with identical front and back (DUO I 2S). STUDIOBOARD Chromokarton is optionally FSC®-certified.


STUDIOBOARD is used for luxury packaging, folding boxes & gift sets (for cosmetics, spirits, etc.), graphic purposes (annual reports, presentation folders, brochures, envelopes, calendars, catalogs, greeting and greeting cards) and POS materials.

Further processing:

100% primary fibers ensure high volume and excellent surface smoothness. STUDIOBOARD can be printed excellently in offset & UV offset, as well as in screen printing and direct digital printing. The good flatness and high stability are ideal for trouble-free further processing: laminating, die-cutting and digital cutting.


STUDIOBOARD® is optional FSC®-certified and 100% recyclable material. Therefore, it can be disposed of easily & cost-effectively as waste paper. 

(Special) formats & free forms:

As manufacturer of STUDIOBOARD KOHLSCHEIN offers the stock format 1020 x 720 mm. Special sizes and/or special thicknesses are possible on request.
We are happy to cut individual cuts or free forms according to your specifications: cutting service.


STUDIOBOARD® product info & specifications (PDF file)

STUDIOBOARD® (chromo board)
Thickness: 0.72 mm, 0.81 mm
Grammage: 480 g/m², 510 g/m²
Stock format: 1020 x 720 mm
Material type: chromo board, folding box board, paperboard / cardboard
Surface / Layers: chromo board
Color: white (high white)
Printing process: digital printing, screen printing, offset printing (up to 1 mm)
Further processing: cutting, die-cutting, laminating, laser, varnishing / foil lamination
Application / range of use: fashion hang tags, greeting cards / invitation cards
Sustainability: eco-friendly, plastic-free, recyclable, sustainable
Manufacturer: KOHLSCHEIN
Origin: Germany

Here is an overview of the thicknesses, grammages and formats we have in stock.
Special formats and / or special thicknesses are possible on request.

Grammage (g/m²)   Thickness (mm) Available formats (mm)
460* 0.69* 1020 x 720*
480 0.72 1020 x 720
510 0.81 1020 x 720
600* 1.00* 1020 x 720*

*Minimum order quantity 3 t

Note: The underlined format indicates the grain direction.