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Sustainable products for the home: Spin-off founded "The Cardboard Co.

"The Cardboard Co." was for a long time just a crazy thought - a dream to develop products made of sustainable materials that we ourselves and other people can wholeheartedly enjoy.

But as is often the case with dreams, they rarely come true. Something always got in the way of our dream too.... until the Coronavirus has turned our world and our daily business upside down.

The time suddenly freed up, we then put into "The Cardboard Co." to bring
joy into the apartments & houses with our products as quickly as possible.  

The conditions were perfect for this: with years of experience in the manufactureand processing of sustainable paper and cardboard grades as well as the broad-based machinerywe can develop products made of sustainable materials to offer alternatives to plastic products.

The first products from the children's shelvingand accessoriesare now available on the new website 

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